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Here are some of the stories from individuals in and around the game of hockey who have experienced or witnessed discrimination against black athletes. These are also the stories of their triumphs.

"In the penalty box, stuff would be thrown at you, you know they spit at me... but I never fought one time because of racial remarks"

Willie O'Ree, NHL Alumni, Hockey is for Everyone Ambassador

"I'm a black player playing a white man's game... I kind of know what I've signed up for all these years growing up playing hockey. I remember coming home a couple of times and asking my parents and my mother, 'how come they'll say stuff to me and not nobody else'."

Joel Ward, Current NHLer, 11 Seasons

"I never saw my teammates as black, but it was obvious that other kids on the ice didn't see him as the same"

Sawyer Prokopetz, Southern Tier Admirals, AAA Hockey

"Telling the stories of strong, passionate, committed and successful black people in hockey to me is about having a child, a young person and athlete, who looks like me, see someone they can relate to. Whether its having a big personality, confusing hair, or dark skin, seeing yourself represented in media and sport opens up so many doors that lead to opportunities some would otherwise never think of."

Kia Cummings, Producer of 1958, RTA: Sport Media Student

"Even though I am not an individual of colour, it's unignorable to see how some people are treated. And it's so wrong. It's so wrong for somebody to have to be treated differently and have to apologize for the colour of their skin. Working in hockey is something I've dreamt of doing since I was a young girl, but not if something isn't changed. I believe in 1958 and what we can do to educate and inspire the next generations of hockey players to come."

Savannah Prokopetz, Marketing/Graphics Coordinator of 1958, RTA: Sport Media Student

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